Post Chairman - Donald Hoffman              Post Entry Deadline - October 31, 2021
District Chairman -                                      District Deadline - December 5, 2021
State Chairman - Stanley Freeman                                 Department Deadline - December 30, 2021


Educating our youth about patriotism and Americanism is worth every effort we undertake.  The program incorporates age-appropriate coloring, drawing, or an essay, beginning at kindergarten and encompassing students through the fifth grade.  State awards will be presented at the Mid-Winter Conference in January.    

CATEGORY 1: Open to all students enrolled in Kindergarten

      A coloring of the American Flag (Provided Here) printed on paper no larger than 9" x 12"

CATEGORY 2: Open to all students in 1st and 2nd grades

      A drawing of the American Flag on paper no larger than 9" x 12"

CATEGORY 3: Open to all students in 3rd and 4th grades:

      A drawing of a historical event on paper no larger than 9" x 12"

 CATEGORY 4: Open to all students in 5th grade

An essay contest based on the title "HOW I HONOR VETERANS"

(300 words or less).  This essay can be handwritten, typed, or computer generated.


School Deadline for all Categories is:  OCTOBER 31 of the current year.


If the schools will not participate in the State Americanism Program - ask individual students you know who meet the requirements to participate.  You may also try local parent-teacher meetings.  Private and Home school students are eligible to participate also. Reach out and teach the children; they are our future. 

 One Winner in each category from each Post shall be forwarded to the District Chairman for judging.  The District's 1st place winners from each category will be forwarded to the State Chairman for final judging.  PLEASE CONTACT DISTRICT CHAIRMAN!