Post Chairman - Marty Owens/ Janet Owens              Post Entry Deadline - October 31, 2018
District Chairman - David Ferry                                       District Deadline - December 5, 2018
State Chairman - Stanley Freeman                                 Department Deadline - December 30, 2018
Educating our Youth about Patriotism and Americanism is worth every effort we undertake. The program incorporates age-appropriate coloring, drawing and essay writing for students beginning in Kindergarten and encompassing students through the fifth grade. State Awards will be presented at the Mid-Winter COnference in January.
Category 1 - Kindergarten - Coloring of supplied picture of American Flag
Category 2 - 1st and 2nd Grades - Drawing of American Flag on paper no larger than 9" X 12"
Category 3 - 3rd and 4th Grades - Drawing of Historical Event on paper no larger than 9" X 12"
Category 4 - 5th Grade - 300 word essay on "How I Honor Veterans"