West St Charles VFW Post 3750 is interested in assisting the teacher by providing a "living history” presentation about your military service during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq or any other campaign period. Select a date and time for your presentation. The teacher may wish to audiotape or videotape your presentation. Decide on which format makes you feel most comfortable.
            Here are some ideas about what the Post can offer to the teachers in St Charles Parish:
Grades K-2: Young American Award (Supply item #4389). Teach the students the Pledge of Allegiance and present them an "I Learned the Pledge of Allegiance” certificate.
Grades 3-5: Reading of Ten Short Flag Stories and Flag Education Program. The "Fun Flag Facts” can be copied and distributed to students.
Grades 6 and higher: Living History Presentation. A presentation about your military service and your experiences in war. Also consider flag education programs for these age groups. Remember, the week of Veterans Day is "National Veterans Awareness” week in the schools.
If any teacher is interested please email the post at or send a request on the web site