Post Chairman - Charles Canciene

District Chairman - 

Department Chairman -  Bryan Batulis  Phone: 337-316-8779  



  "Hospital Visits” refers to any visits made at the following facilities:

a. Community Nursing Homes.                        

b. Veterans Homes.                          

c. Community Hospitals. f. Hospice patients   

d. VA Hospitals and Clinics

 e. Private Nursing Homes/Hospitals  


Use the Department Community Service Report Forms for reporting – copy of the form is in Post packets given at C of A.  Post must complete forms with TOTALS included and submit to State Chairman of your respective District.  MAKE COPIES FOR YOURSELF!

Service to Veterans and Hospital reporting.  Note the section listing Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc. are listed as points for All-State Team judging.

Reporting Example:

VA Clinic or Hospital Visit

352 patients visited

Three (3) needy VFW members benefited